3 Common Landscaping Mistakes

Starting a Project without a Plan

Trying to start your next landscaping design project can be tough when you do not know where to start. Planning a project this huge will take time, money, and patience. It is easy to get carried away with different ideas that you see when you are browsing the internet or flipping through the latest home magazine, that will leave you very eager to get started on your next project as soon as possible. You need to remember that you cannot rush a job like this, especially if you do not know what you want. This will most likely end up with you wanting certain changes or regretting any decisions during this process. Make sure that you set a budget and get your money’s worth on your next project.


Overlooking the Small Details

When you are doing a project this huge, every small detail counts.

  • Not Paying Attention to Climate

It is important to take the climate of your current location into account. This can affect maintenance or longevity of any of the plants you may want to use.

  • Overcrowding

Factors such as putting too much plants together or choosing colors that do not compliment can overcrowd the look and feel of your space.

  • Not Considering Exterior Lighting

Not considering exterior lighting is commonly overlooked. Many people who get started on a landscape design project are usually focused on what the outcome will look like during the day and often forget about how it will look like at night. Including exterior lighting is crucial when you are building your landscape design so you can accentuate and highlight the beauty of your landscape design project at night.

  • Neglecting the Functionality of the Design

Of course you want your landscaping design to look the best that it can be, but just remember to keep the functionality of your backyard in mind. For example, will it be suitable for your children or dogs to run out and play? Make sure that you are able to utilize the space in all sorts of different situations.


Not Hiring a Legitimate Landscape and Design Company

Before you get carried away looking up all the new tips and tricks on a bunch of D-I-Y (do it yourself) projects, consider getting professional help. In doing so, make sure you check the legitimacy in the companies you seek. Look for certain points in a company such as their ratings, services, staff, insurance, liability, etc. Try to track down companies that have been in the business for more than 10 years and see if they have any testimonials and pictures from previous projects. Finding a reliable company will help you avoid all these common landscaping design mistakes.


Avoid making any of these common mistakes and contact us today. Here at California Landscape and Design, we work very hard to make sure your landscape and design project will exceed your expectations.

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