Costanso Fire Station Park, located in Woodland Hills, is now one of the most recommended parks in Los Angeles. This park was once an old fire station from 1949 – 2007. After shutting down, it became a vacant lot that was neglected and left in despair. CA Landscape and Design had the opportunity to take this vacant lot and transform it into a public park.


CA Landscape and Design completed this park in 2015. It is a very welcomed addition to the neighborhood around the old Fire Station 84 on Costanso Street and Canoga Avenue.

The previously existing empty firehouse had once been a magnet for crime, but the work that CLD has put in has changed the area into an invaluable resource for the community.

The $1 million park features grassy knolls, a very popular play structure in the shape of a fire truck that pays homage to the old Fire Station, a sustainable garden, shade structures, benches, and seat walls.

The reviews and responses we have gotten since this park opened has been amazing. We are so glad to see the children and parents thoroughly enjoying this park and while keeping integrity of the old Fire Station 84.

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