Why it is Important to Bring your Child to the Playground

In this day and age, technology has taken over our children’s lives. Cut down the television and iPad time from your little one and take a break from the indoors. It is extremely important to take time out of the day to bring your children to the park. Here are some reasons why bringing your child to the playground is beneficial.

Socializing Skills

The park is the perfect setting to have your children practice socializing with others, especially if you have an only child or if your child is not in grade school yet. Being in situations where they have to wait their turn to use the swings or go down the slide are valuable lessons when children are in peer play because it will teach them patience and self-discipline, especially around children of different ages.

Being outdoors also allows children to use their imagination. Pretend play is very important in a child’s life because it allows them to be creative and use what is around them, such as pretending the playground is a supermarket. While children are talking to each other as they pretend play, it will also help develop their ability to communicate with their peers.

Health Benefits

Studies have shown that bringing your children outdoors to play increases their motor skills such as running, swinging, climbing, and other various activities because of all the different types of equipment that are at a playground. Motor skills are essential during the growth of a child because it will help them with all around physical activity in their everyday lives.


Also, being outside will help increase Vitamin D levels, which Vitamin D is actually one of the most common vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin D is crucial to our health because you need it to absorb calcium and help develop bone growth. Being exposed to sunlight is a natural way to gaining this vital vitamin in our system. This will be beneficial to both you and your children!


Active Lifestyle

The rate of obesity is increasing every year. Making a trip to the playground a part of you and your child’s schedule gives them a head start to living an active lifestyle. The more you expose them to the joys of being outdoors, it gives children a chance to enjoy this form of exercise, resulting in living a healthier lifestyle as they grow older.


Not only does it benefit your child when you take them to the playground, but it could be very helpful for yourself as well. It gives you a chance to spend time with your child and it gives you a break from being indoors and experiencing the fresh air.

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