Strategies when Planning your Dream Landscape Design

Planning your dream landscape design can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you are scrolling through Pinterest for the latest design craze or wanting to go after the “perfect landscape” you have been dreaming about 15 years ago, trying to make any decisions can be tough. While trends are constantly going in and out of style, try to find the perfect landscape and design best suitable for you and your audience. Here are a couple strategies to acknowledge when you are trying to plan your dream landscape.

Seeking professional help.

As mentioned earlier, trying to go after the “perfect landscape design” can get very overwhelming if you feel like you know exactly what you want, but do not know where to start. Finding an experienced and licensed company will help bring your idea to life. Always make sure to let your landscape designer know the vision that you have and any good company will strive to make it possible. Professionals within this industry will try their best to make your design ideas into reality while staying within your budget. California Landscape and Design’s main goal is to go above and beyond and exceed the expectations of any client, no matter how big or small the project is.

Plan accordingly.

If you are planning to get started on a huge project, make sure to give yourself and everyone else enough time upon getting started on a big project. You simply cannot expect the perfect landscaping and design job to happen overnight. It takes time to properly design and begin the building process for the best results possible. Also, depending on factors such as the size of the project you are trying to pursue, weather issues, time of year, any possible contract issues with property, etc., you always want to make sure you leave enough leeway to achieve your initial end date. Time management is very important between you and the people you are working with, to assure that everything will run smoothly.

Keep an Open Mind on Making Decisions.


After speaking to landscape design professionals, keeping an open mind to a few suggestions will be beneficial to you, the aesthetic, and functionality of your end project. Some aspects to keep in mind from a professional could be:


  • Choosing certain accents to compliment the space.

    • Plants. Accents such as choosing particular plants could actually be a big part in trying to decorate your project. Try to refrain from any plants that attract pests and require lots of water and choose plants best suitable for the weather of your location. Also, due to the care of different types of plants, placement of different plants and trees are also very important for its maintenance.

    • Furniture. Decorating may seem like the fun part of this whole process, but a lot of thought goes into what furniture you put in your project. Depending on what style or theme you are trying to go for, furniture can easily make or break the appearance. Take in consideration what design managers have in mind to help benefit the space of your project.

    • Colors. It is easy to get carried away with picking and choosing what colors you want to use. Not many people realize that the use of colors when decorating is crucial. Certain colors can easily minimize or maximize any type of space.

    • Trending Accents. In this day and age, technology is an ongoing phenomenon. Ideas such as USB charging stations for smartphones/tablets and televisions are a popular hit. Different accents such as outdoor fireplaces, ponds, and fountains can add the perfect touch to your project.  

When it comes to landscape design, every single detail needs to be taken into consideration. At California Landscape and Design, we are staffed with members that have years of experience in the industry. Everyone on our team has one goal, and that is to make our clients happy and bring your ideas to life. For more information on our services and past projects, check out our website and portfolio.

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