Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass

There are many pros and cons when it comes to using artificial grass. Artificial grass is a made of synthetic fibers that are made to look like natural grass. Using artificial grass has officially left the soccer and football fields, and are now used in everyday landscapes such as a local recreational center or your very own backyard. The trend for using these synthetic fibers is quickly growing, but there are still a handful of people who are strongly against it.




Although the price of installing artificial grass can seem significantly high, it will actually save you more money in the long term. Since you won’t need to constantly water the lawn or buy products for the upkeep of keeping the lawn refreshed and green, after a couple years, the price of installing the it will actually save you more.

Low Maintenance

Once it is installed and ready to go, you won’t have to worry about watering, fertilizing, or mowing your lawn anymore. Also, say goodbye to the pain of having weeds!

Long Lasting

This is also something you may consider if you have kids or dogs that love running around or playing active sports in your backyard. Despite all running around and rough play, it will not ruin your grass.


Not Eco-Friendly

The topic of whether or not it is “eco-friendly” can be very controversial. Although many people may think that having artificial grass is good for the economy because it conserves water and reduces emissions, most people do not think about how much chemicals go into making the synthetic fibers in artificial grass. Artificial grass is sometimes made of recycled rubber tires which can contain heavy metals, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and other harsh chemicals.

Failure to Properly Clean

The failure to properly clean anything from someone’s sweat and blood, to your dog’s poop can contaminate the grass. Unlike real grass, contaminants will not rinse off naturally. The neglect of properly cleaning could potentially lead to a serious health hazard.

Artificial grass

The ongoing debate on whether or not you should get artificial grass is hard to weigh out. Look at the personal pros and cons carefully and see what cater to your needs the most before making a final decision. Remember that installing artificial grass is a commitment.

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