Public Works

California Landscape & Design has been in business for the past 28 years, and has provided many city public works departments with high quality work for the past 25 years. Early on, the corporation built public skateparks as well as performed the surrounding site work development for these projects in California and other states. We have extended our platform and business model to include building city parks in the Southern California area. California Landscape & Design also performs all types of construction that exceeds the design and building standards required by our clients. We are currently in our seventh year working with the City of Los Angeles, which includes our concrete specialty on-call contract that covers the city’s concrete sidewalk removal and replacement program. The CLD Corporation also qualifies and performs work for the City of Los Angeles specialty park facility’s on-call contract, which is not limited to the building of parks in the inner city. The contract also covers baseball field/tennis court renovations, landscaping-turf reduction, and all types of chain link and iron fabrication.  California Landscape & Design has a well-trained staff that includes several departments: design, construction, landscape, ornamental iron fabrication, and administration. We contract with multiple cities in the southland and have designed and built many successful projects with great reviews. When considering your next project, give us a call – we have the experience and drive to complete your project on time and within budget.

California Landscape & Design has provided many city public works departments all across Southern California with high quality work for the past 25 years, which include park construction, turf and sports field installations and renovations, and all types of chain link and iron fabrication.