Ways to Make your Small Backyard Look Bigger


Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a ginormous backyard. Or maybe having a large backyard just wasn’t something you were interested in when you bought your home or it simply just was not an option. Either way, make the most out of your small space and give it an illusion of a larger area. Small spaces can be just as beautiful. Here are a few ways to make your small backyard look bigger.

Create Levels

Try installing an elevated patio or deck. Adding different levels to your backyard can create depth and give an illusion or more space.


Designated Areas

Having a designated area such as a dining table or hangout spot. By doing so, it can divide the monotonous space and give it more dimension and functionality.

 Create a Focal Point

 Draw your everyone’s attention by creating a focal point and take their attention off of how small your space really is. You will be amazed at how well this works! Try something like a cool water feature, fireplace, or even a unique plant.

Avoid Clutter

The more unnecessary items you have in such a tight space, the more crowded it will feel. You want to do the exact opposite and leave your backyard with few items and selected decorations. It will make your space feel less overwhelming when you don’t have as much “chaos” around.

Believe it or not, decorating and designing a small backyard is harder than trying to do so with a large backyard. Try these different tricks to transform your outdoor living space to something you can thoroughly enjoy.

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